Why has knitting been historically devalued by society?

photo-on-11-29-16-at-9-31-pmOf course there might be a lot more to it than what I believe is the reason why this practice has been devalued by society over the course of history. First off, it is disproportionately if not only women who knit both to keep themselves busy and to make clothing/accessories for themselves and their kids. It most likely hasn’t been appreciated as it should be since it being a woman’s work is depreciated for the mere fact that the creator is a woman. Another reason this creative art might have been traditionally under appreciated is ¬†due to the thought of it being something simple that is done and has really no value compared to the work that a man does or how he unlike she is more able to contribute to the household income. This makes for another barrier in the woman’s life and adds to the man’s feeling of ‘superiority.’